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View the documentEmployment, growth and basic needs; a one-world problem
View the documentEnergy for rural development: renewable resources and alternative technologies for developing countries
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View the documentExperience with three vapour methods for measuring water potential in plants
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View the documentFinal report
Algeria. Ministère de la jeunesse et des sports
View the documentFinal report
View the documentFinal report
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View the documentFish and fisheries of the Sunderbans
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View the documentFish fauna of the Sunderbans
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View the documentFolklore from Africa to the United States; an annotated bibliography
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View the documentFood and nutrition strategies in national development
View the documentFor a training project based on programmed learning in the developing countries: objectives, means and resources, organization and management, development
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View the documentGauges for the study of evapotranspiration rates
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View the documentGeneral features of the delta of the Amazon
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