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Okatcha, F.M.M.O.
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Churchill, Stacy; Guttmann, Ludwig - IBE
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Riepe, Dale Maurice
View the documentPhilosophy and the novel; philosophical aspects of Middlemarch, Anna Karenina, The Brothers Karamazov, A la recherche du temps perdu and the methods of criticism
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Prowse, G.A.
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Pettigrew, Andrew M.
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Patel, A.M.
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Singh, B.N.
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Tison, Léon J.
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Hollerw<ö=oe>ger, F.
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Hook, Sidney
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Stone, E.C.
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Pakistan Academy of Sciences
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (Pakistan)
Association for the Advancement of Science (Pakistan)
University of Dacca
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Sioli, Harold
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Islam, M. Amirul
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Chapman, Valentine J.
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Yosufzai, H.K.
View the documentStatistics on science and technology in Latin America; experience with Unesco pilot projects, 1972-1974
Thébaud, Schiller
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Ayala, Francisco Jose; Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grigorievich
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Polster, H.
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Volker, Adriaan
View the documentSur les caractéristiques texturales et minéralogiques des sédiments récents et des sols alluviaux dans le delta du Mangoky, sud-ouest de Madagascar
Hervieu, J.