View the documentTechnique pour la mesure de l'émission de gaz carbonique par les organes végétaux sur pied, en conditions définies de température et d'humidité relative
Leblond, C.; Carlier, G.
View the documentTechniques for the measurement of transpiration of individual plants
Magalhaes, A.C.; Franco, C.M.
View the documentTentative classification and comparison with deltas of other climatic regions
Volker, Adriaan
View the documentTraining courses available in developing ESCAP countries
View the documentTraining for change agents; a guide to the design of training programs in education and other fields
Havelock, Ronald G.; Havelock, Mary C. - University of Michigan (USA). Center for Research on Utilization of Scientific Knowledge
View the documentUnesco, an ideal in action
View the document<The> United Nations and Rhodesia: a study in international law
Zacklin, Ralph
View the document<The> Use of aerial photographs in delta studies
Verstappen, H.Th.
View the documentVegetation as a geological agent in tropical deltas
Fosberg, F. Raymond
View the documentWater yields of forest, Maquis and grass covers in semi-arid regions: a literature review
Shachori, A.Y.; Michaeli, A.
View the documentWood-boring Teredinid shipworms Mollusca of mangroves in the Sunderbans, West Bengal
Roonwal, M.L.