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close this bookDisaster Reports : The Effects of Hurricane David. 1979, on the Population of Dominica (PAHO)
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View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Purpose and methodology
close this folder3. Results
View the document3.1. Response
View the document3.2. The population sample
close this folder3.3. Socio-economic overview
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View the document3.3.1. Hurricane damage and reconstruction
View the document3.3.2. Perception of the effects of hurricane David
close this folder3.4. Injuries
View the document3.4.1. Characteristics of the injured population
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View the document3.6 Communicable diseases
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View the documentAnnex 1 : Questions asked about injury
View the documentAnnex 2 : Questions asked about pregnancy

Annex 2 : Questions asked about pregnancy

Was anyone in this household pregnant at the time of the disaster ?

1. What was her name and age ?
2. Did she leave the island after the disaster ?
3. Has she delivered yet ? What was the date of delivery ?
4. Where did she deliver - in Dominica or abroad ?
5. What was the outcome of the pregnancy ? (miscarriage in the first three months, later miscarriage, stillbirth or live baby)