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Annex 1 : Questions asked about injury

Was anyone in your household injured at the time of the disaster or since then ?

1. What was their name ?*

* A separate form was filled in for each person injured.

2. Which part(s) of their body were injured ? (Head, shoulders, back, chest abdomen, arms, hands, legs or feet)

3. What was the nature of the injury ? (Explain in your own words and tick for nail wound, blow, laceration, cut, fracture, or other)

4. Where did it happen ? (Inside home, inside another building or outside)

5. Why were they there ? What were they doing ? (This did not have to be answered by those injured inside the home)

6. What were they injured by ? (Galvanised roofing sheets, trees or, if something else, what ?)

7. When did this happen - on which day and at what time ?

8. Did they try to obtain medical aid ?

9. If not, why not ?

10. Did they get medical aid ?

11. If not, why not ?

12. If not, who looked after them ? (Family, neighbours, themselves or, if someone else, explain who).

13. If they got help, where did they go ? (Health centre, hospital or nurse or temporary medical facility in locality. Give the name).

14. What means of transport did they use ?

15. How long after the injury did they arrive ?

16. Who treated then ? (Doctor, nurse or don't know).

17. What was the medical diagnosis. if known ?

18. How long did they stay at the health centre or hospital ? (Give the number of days or, if the stay was brief, the number of hours).